Thunderbird Sailing Club

We have been promoting safe boating and creating sailing opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels since 1969.

Lake Thunderbird offers over 6,000 acres of open water surface area with 86 miles of shoreline. With Oklahoma winds, this makes for a fantastic setting for sailing most of the year.

Our Programs

We offer programs for all ages and skill levels. No previous experience is necessary!


Community Events

Learn to Sail (All ages)

Shared Boat Program


The Thunderbird Sailing Club is a nonprofit corporation established in 1969, and is affiliated with both the United States Sailing Association and Central States Sailing Association. Membership is open to anyone of “good moral character” interested in sailing and water safety. Boat ownership is not required.

Membership Levels

Full membership – Single Must be 21 years of age. A regular member has privileges to hold office, to vote, and all other rights and privileges of membership including participation in Club activities, and the right to wear the Club Patch and fly the Club Burgee. ($125 per year)

Full membership – Family A parent or guardian must be 21 and all family members hold the rights and privileges of a regular member. There can only be one vote per family or one elected officer per family in office at the same time. ($125 per year)

The Associate Membership is open to individuals who are interested in sailing, and who crew with boat owners. This membership will have limited voting and racing rights. ($75 per year)

Student Membership is open to full-time students. This membership does not include voting privileges, but does include the privilege of racing as a boat owner or skipper. ($25 per year)

Our Full Members receive exclusive benefits including:

  • Full participation in club activities

  • Privilege of racing as a boat owner or skipper

  • Attending monthly meetings and potlucks

  • Right to hold club office
  • Right to vote for club officers and other club votes
  • Right to wear the club patch and fly the Club Burgee

Membership dues are collected on an annual basis and membership runs from Jan 1st to Dec 31st

Interested in a shared boat membership?