Regatta Advisory Committee

Lots of you have considerable experience with sailing, racing, and understand what it takes to pull off a successful regatta. You know what it takes to run races, and how to support other sailors who volunteer to run races. Well, thanks to Jim Eller, Karen Thursten and Jerry Lojka for helping us out with this group! This group will be helpful in ensuring the integrity of competition and leveling the playing field (lake?) for all participants (U.S. Sailing).

We could use a few more folks to serve in an advisory capacity for the club members, and those of us who will chair a specific regatta. Purpose: To have regatta volunteers to understand the steps to running a successful regatta; we want to have each of our big regattas run smoothly and be safe and fun for sailors. To that end, please get in touch with Lorrie Sylvester or Jim Eller for more information and ways you can help! Also, if you are interested in chair-ing/organizing one of our big regattas, please let us know.

REGATTAS: Some of you have tentatively volunteered to chair these events – Interested? Please help!

  • Jerry Layton Regatta: October 12, 2019– Jim Eller
  • Leukemia Cup Regatta/Silent Auction: September 7, 2019– James Anderson
  • Hiram Douglas Regatta/Annual Chili Cook Off: November 3, 2019 – Phil Moershel

BOATING SAFETY: As the sailing season and classes get started, we all need to be safety aware. LTEF Executive Director, Glede Holman, is organizing a Boating Safety class for members – class is scheduled for May 11! Watch for more information to come.