First Sail: A TSC US Sailing Program for 1st timers

Think sailing might be for you. Here’s your chance to try out this exciting sport with little time and cost invested. Come to Little River Marina on Lake Thunderbird in Norman, Oklahoma, and with a minimum of 2 hours on the water you will know whether or not sailing is for you.
Step aboard the Shamrock, a 24’ keelboat and expand your possibilities!

What will you learn?

Your First Sail Experience will include water safety, parts of the boat, how to sail up-wind and downwind, time at the helm, tacking and jibing. Each participant will experience trimming the sails and steering the boat.

What’s your costs?

First Sail is $50 per person. If you have a friend or family member you want to share this experience with we will discount the second person to $25. All registration proceeds are used for maintaining, paying slip fees and insurance of the Shamrock.

How do you register?

Your First Sail Experience is dependent upon availability of the boat, weather conditions and availability of a Shamrock volunteer. Record your contact information, preferred date and time by email to Jim Chapman at We will con-tact you to put your First Sail Experience in motion.

First Sail
A TSC US Sailing
Program for 1st timers