Notice Of Chili Cook-Off

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Lake Thunderbird BoatHouse, Norman, Oklahoma

CLASSES: All chilis are welcome; bean and non-bean shall have the same start. Cooks shall register pots using the current TSC Hotsmouth Yardstick heat correction factors.

RULES: Diners will be given tokens to vote for their favorite chili. The chili with the most votes wins. Protests will be entertained and ignored.

TROPHIES: Trophies will be presented for the best chilis.

FACILITIES: Power strips provided, crock pots reccommended. Chilis and their cooks should be hot and ready by 1600.


08:30 Registration, coffee, donuts

10:30 Registration ends, some racing follows.

16:00 Chili Judging

16:40 Refreshments: chili and sides, beverages & warm building

17:00 Trophy presentation

DIRECTIONS: The best chili cooks already know the way!

INFORMATION: Lorraine Sylvester, Head Serrano, (405) 250-6956 text or email:

COST: No $$ to enter.

STATE LAW requires that all chilies have a copy of their registration aboard.

Cornbread, cheese, salad, and brownies are welcome. Please let me know if you will be providing sides and/or participating in the chili cook off.