Notice of Race

Hiram Douglas Memorial Regatta

Sunday, November 6, 2022 Thunderbird Sailing Club
Lake Thunderbird BoatHouse, Norman, Oklahoma

CLASSES: Boats 18 feet length on deck or greater are welcome. Other boats may be allowed at the discretion of the Regatta Chair; inquire prior to November 6. Boats shall register in either Spinnaker, Non-Spinnaker, or Multihull fleets.

ELIGIBILITY: The skipper of a boat must be a current member of the Thunderbird Sailing Club or a TSC-recognized sailing club.

RULES: The race is governed by the rules as defined in the current Racing Rules of Sailing.

SAILING INSTRUCTIONS will be available after 0830, Sunday, November 6, at the registration table, Lake Thunderbird BoatHouse. Changes, if made, will be posted on the bulletin board on the verandah by 1100.

HANDICAPPING: Spinnaker or Non-spinnaker classes will be scored using OCBC PHRF handicap numbers, and if none available, then with US SAILING published PHRF handicap ratings. The multihull class will be scored by US SAILING Portsmouth Yardstick with wind correction factors.

SCORING: Low point System as in RRS Appendix A.

AWARDS will be presented to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each fleet. The Hiram Douglas Trophy will be presented to the skipper and crew of the boat with the lowest corrected time in the largest fleet.

COURSE: One long distance race of 10-18 miles. Course and marks will be announced at the Competitor’s Meeting.


08:30 Registration, coffee, donuts

10:30 Registration ends

10:45 Competitors’ Meeting

11:20 Harbor Gun

11:50 Warning Signal 1st start

16:40 Refreshments: chili and sides, beverages & warm building

17:00 Trophy presentation

FACILITIES: Ramp at Sailboat Point (past Little River Marina) for center/daggerboard boats and some keelboats. Ramps for fixed keelboats ½ mile west (Fisherman Point), or 1 mile north (Hog Creek), of Little River Marina. Courtesy dock at the BoatHouse. Ramp at BoatHouse is single lane, shallow, and the lake is low.

DIRECTIONS: Google Maps – Lake Thunderbird BoatHouse, 1312 Indian Point Road, Norman, OK, 73026

INFORMATION: Paul Reynolds, Regatta Chair (405) 250-2093, text or email


$25.00 for Skipper and Boat

$10.00 for each crew member

$ -2.00 for US SAILING Member

The Park charges $8 for day-use parking.

State Law requires that all boats have a copy of their registration aboard.