The Lake Thunderbird Boat House promotes safe enjoyment of water sports and lake activities through educational programs and community partnerships. The Lake Thunderbird BoatHouse (LTBH) is now a community center for a partnership of organizations capable of teaching aquatic sports.


While evolution has proceeded related to the BoatHouse, the concept has remained the same. The Thunderbird Sailing Club (TSC) members had been appalled at how many boaters seemed to have no knowledge of safe boating practices. There was a clear need for boating education at Lake Thunderbird but no place where classes could be held. The club approached the State with the idea of creating a community center within the Lake Thunderbird State Park. The State contracted with the TSC to develop and manage the community center for educational purposes. TSC has recruited partners to provide a range of educational boating programs stressing safety.

Lake Thunderbird Educational Foundation

The Lake Thunderbird Educational Foundation, a 501(c)3 non profit organization having board members from partnering organizations, was created to raise funds to build and maintain the BoatHouse. Sufficient funds were raised during the first two years to have a dock built. Also, material for fencing and gravel for a ramp was purchased with funds raised by the foundation. District 2 Cleveland County Comission constructed the ramp. Volunteers fenced off the area for a boat yard and TSC began giving sailing classes to raise additional funds. Eventually, enough funds were raised that the shell of the BoatHouse built. Volunteers put in more than 3000 hours finishing the building.