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The Commodore’s Cup Trophies will be awarded annually to the qualifying skippers who meet the requirements herein specified and have the lowest point score within the Commodore’s Cup Series. Separate trophies will be awarded to Spinnaker and Cruising (non-spinnaker) Fleets. The series and trophies are intended to encourage Thunderbird Sailing Club members to compete on a consistent basis and officiate in Thunderbird Sailing Club events. The trophies also recognize sailing ability.

DESCRIPTION: The Commodore’s Cup Series will consist of at least six events, and these events will be specified on the Thunderbird Sailing Club race schedule. The Race, Protest and Measurement Committee will select the events that will comprise the Commodore’s Cup Series, and so designate them on the schedule.

ELIGIBILITY: To qualify for the Commodore’s Cup, a skipper must be a member in good standing of the Thunderbird Sailing Club and must have served on the Race Committee for a Thunderbird Sailing Club event during the current year.

SELECTION PROCESS: In determining the winner of each trophy, the low point scoring system will be used with one (1) point for each first place, two (2) points for second place, three (3) points for third, etc. All events not raced will be scored DNS (Did Not Start). Each qualifying skipper will be allowed two (2) throw outs. One of these throw-outs will be for Race Committee duty, if performed for a series qualifying race. The remaining throw-out will be applied to an event not sailed in followed by highest score(s), worst finish, and for events actually sailed in, in that order. Scoring points will be determined at the end of the Commodore’s Cup Series and will be based on the finishing position of each qualifying skipper in relationship to the finishing position of the other qualifying skippers. The positions of non-qualifying skippers in each event are to be discarded. The scoring applies separately to both fleets.

In accordance with the Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008, Appendix A9; DNS, DNF, RAF, or DSQ points will be based on the number of qualifying skippers that come to the starting area, by fleet, plus one (1). For a skipper that did not come to the starting area, points will be based on the total number of qualifying skippers, by fleet, plus one (1). DSQ (disqualified) points cannot be thrown out.

In the event that a qualifying skipper has sailed in both fleets, scoring will be based on the results of the fleet in which the skipper sailed the majority of events. Competition in the other fleet will be scored as DNS and the skipper will not be considered as qualified; in the fleet he is not being scored with. In the event that an otherwise qualified skipper competed in an equal number of events in each fleet, that skipper will be so noted as having qualified; but his results in all races in both fleets will not be included in the scoring of other qualified skippers.

The Fleet Captain is responsible for determining the qualifying, and doing the scoring of Commodore’s Cup skippers. A written summary of the scoring will be presented to the Commodore for concurrence prior to having any trophies engraved or presented.

THE AWARDS SHALL CONSIST OF: The awards shall be perpetual trophies and remain the property of Thunderbird Sailing Club. The winners of the trophies are responsible for the trophies while they are in their possession. In addition to the trophies, there should also be a small engraved plaque for each of the winners to keep as recognition of their accomplishment. This plaque will be presented at the same time the trophies are presented.

PREPARATION OF THE PLAQUE: The Fleet Captain will be responsible for retrieving the trophies from the previous year’s winners.

PRESENTATION OF THE TROPHIES AND PLAQUES: The time and place of the awards ceremony for the Commodore’s Cup trophies will be determined by the Thunderbird Sailing Club Executive Committee. The trophies are traditionally presented at the annual Holiday Party.

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