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Jerry Layton was the Commodore of the Thunderbird Sailing Club from January 1992 until May of 1992. Upon his death in 1992, the Club deemed it appropriate to dedicate a regatta to Jerry Layton.

DESCRIPTION: The regatta shall be held to raise funds for the purchase and/or maintenance of a Thunderbird Sailing Club race committee boat or for the purpose so designated by the Executive Committee and approved by
the general membership. Catalina 25°s shall be used, if available; if not, four boats of the same design shall be used and set up to be as closely matched as possible. To encourage more participants it is suggested to sail in the largest boats possible without a spinnaker reducing the chances of injury and damage to the boats.

THE TROPHY SHALL CONSIST OF: The traveling trophy that has been presented to the Thunderbird Sailing Club by Mr. Frank Butler, President of Catalina Yachts, and other trophies and awards as decided and purchased by the Race Committee. The traveling trophy will be held in stewardship by the winner and returned prior to the
next year’s race. The winner shall be responsible for maintaining the plaque in good condition and for replacing it should the plaque be destroyed, lost, or stolen while in his/her possession. If in the future a Thunderbird Sailing Club house or permanent home is acquired, this trophy will be displayed in a prominent location.

PREPARATION OF THE PLAQUE AND OTHER AWARDS: The Race Chairperson or his/her designate will be responsible for having both, the new winner’s name and the name of the boat used to win the final race of the series, engraved on the plaque.

The Race Chairperson of the regatta, the winner of the last regatta, shall be responsible for acquiring trophies/awards for the top four skippers, the crew on the boat winning the most races, and other awards as decided by the Race Committee. (The Race Committee shall be appointed by the Race Chairperson).

PRESENTATION OF THE JERRY LAYTON MEMORIAL PLAQUE: If the event includes a post-regatta party, the trophy will be presented at that time. The presentation will be made by the Race Chairperson. If the event does not include a post-regatta party, the plaque will be presented by the Race Chairperson at the ceremony on shore following the regatta.

ELIGIBILITY OF SKIPPERS AND CREW MEMBERS: Skippers must come from the Thunderbird Sailing
Club membership and from those who have sailed in a Commodore’s Cup Series during that year. The Thunderbird Sailing Club membership has first opportunity for crew, then non-members may complete crew requirements. It is suggested to have 8 skippers and 16 crew (4 crew per boat).

RACE FORMAT: See attached suggested example and comments. The Race Chairperson may change the format as he/she sees fit.

NOTE: It is assumed that over time this regatta format may change. This deed of gift and awards may be changed to address the new format if deemed necessary by the Race and Protest Committee. The purpose, however, will remain to

1) memorialize Jerry Layton and

2) raise funds for the Thunderbird Sailing Club race committee boat or other needs as determined by the Executive Committee and General Membership.

See Deed of Gift for Layton Memorial Match Race Format and suggestions

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