Here are some of our favorite resources. More coming soon so check back often!

Lake Thunderbird

Lake Levels – Lake Thunderbird

This are a couple links to the US Army Corps of Engineers who monitor the lake levels. Click on the link below to access their latest data reading.

National Weather Service hourly graph forecast for Lake Thunderbird

This is a link to the official map of sunrise and sunset times for our area. Click on the link below

US Sailing

US Sailing First Sail videos (parts of boat, rigging, points of sail)

US Sailing Starboard Portal
Assorted webinars and videos (scroll down to RSSailing’s How to Pick Up a Man Overboard and How to Come Alongside)

This and That

Sail Magazine

SAIL Magazine is the magazine of record on the sailing way of life. Whether it’s cruising, racing, or lifestyle, our editorial mission is to inspire, educate and entertain sailors of every kind and to celebrate the sport in words and images.

Sailing Texas
19,000 boats in the photo gallery including previously sold