The Mainsheet

The “Mainsheet” is the Thunderbird Sailing Club’s monthly newsletter. Since it’s inception in 1969, The Thunderbird Sailing Club has used the Mainsheet as it’s primary communications tool. Now published and distributed electronically, in it’s early years it was created on a typewriter and distributed by mimeograph. Remember those? If you were born after 1970, I bet you don’t!
On this page you will find a collection of all the Mainsheet editions that have been saved, digitized, listed for posterity’s sake. Big thanks go to Les Cummings for his diligent archival work in preserving the history of the Thunderbird Sailing Club.

January, 2024

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January, 2022

Ahoy Lake Thunderbird Club sailors and supporters. With the beginning of the new year, a new board has been elected. We have some new faces as well as some old hands in different capacities. Our last board did a fantastic job of leading us through the doldrums of covid and kept us out of irons. The club sets sail this coming year stronger than ever. As commodore I look forward to working with our new crew and building on the successes of our previous board. Les Long and his board lead us well through the difficult challenges of the last year. Many thanks are in order. I am appreciative of the faith and trust in me to captain the Thunderbird Sailing Club to greater adventures.

February, 2022

“Hope in a Pandemic”, Dr. Susan J. Schroeder, University of Oklahoma Department of Microbiology & Plant Biology, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Schroeder studies the different shapes that RNA can fold into. Viral RNA, such as the genome of SARS-CoV2, is a particularly interesting puzzle. Dr. Schroeder will talk about some of the exciting new scientific research on mRNA vaccines and drug treatments that inspire hope even in a pandemic.
6:00pm: Gather to enjoy each others favorite Mardi Gras dish!
6:30pm: Dr. Schroeder’s presentation.
8:00pm: Clean up.
NOTE: We will send an email if the decision to zoom is necessary.

March, 2022


After three years of talking and planning, the HVAC system at the boathouse has been replaced. On Feb 9th and 10th Alameda Heat and Air completed the change-out. As usual, there were complications but, the system is installed and works wonderfully. Many thanks to the contractor for giving us a below-market bid and completing the work is such a timely manner. Thanks to Jim Eller for securing the contract with Ala-meda Heat and Air.

Phil Moershel is working on storage racks for the Zests and Lasers so we can have all those boats under cover from the summer sun and continued protection during the winter months.

Last month I failed to thank Helga for the many hours of labor she invested in sanding, grinding and painting the Conex storage container in the boatyard.
Thanks to everyone who sacrifices time and effort on behalf of the BoatHouse and its mission.

Fair winds,

Jerry Lojka,
BoatHouse Committee Chair

April, 2022

2022 Earth Day Festival

Sunday, April 24, 2022

The 2022 City of Norman Earth Day Festival is scheduled for Sunday, April 24, 2022, from Noon to 5:00 PM at Andrews Park

We will set up a Zest at the Festival  and pass out flyers to promote our sailing classes. If you can help with this activity please contact Phil Moershel 405-208-1532.

May, 2022

The May TSC Program will be a series of presentations on the Shared Boat Program. There will be a question-and answer time and also the Share Boat Program Annual meeting. If you are in the Shared Boat Program, plan to attend. If not, come and learn about our Shared Boat Program and its boats. At this time there are only two spots left for additional sailors. One of Shamrock, our Oday 24 and one place on the Capri 22. We are planning to have all three boats on hand for viewing.

The program will also include a blessing of the fleet. In past years, TSC has had a fleet blessing, especially following the 2010 Tornado, but with the Pandemic we have fallen out of the habit. So, bring your boat over to the BoatHouse dock or bring something from your boat you can bring over and take back, to receive the blessing. Hope to see you there.

June, 2022

Ahoy Lake Thunderbird sailors and supporters. Rain and cooler weather hasn’t deterred our sailors! Wednesday races and Saturday sail are going strong. Good to see new faces out there.

Don’t miss our potluck on the third Saturday, the 18th. Special guest musician is local guitarist Dave Flores. Kids sailing classes are happening all month long. Come volunteer if you get chance!

July, 2022

The first three beginning sailing classes have finished. On their first day the kids mastered capsizing and righting their boats and completed one or two chaotic first sails. By the third day each crew of young sailors mastered the winds to boldly sail across the lake on a 4-mile journey tacking up wind to the Little Axe campground beach.

We had great winds for most days, but heavy winds, storms and total calm required some extra sessions to compete three-day classes. Of course, our Teras and Zests were great teaching tools and our repowered Carolina skiffs with their prop guards were a joy for the coaches. Volunteers made these classes possible! The volunteers helping included Jim W. and Jim E, Fredrica, Deborah, Lynda, Christian, Helga. We had a great group of teen class graduate volunteers helping! These included Iris, Claudia, Anna, Ethan, Jack, Caleb H, Caleb V, and Tess. Many thanks to Joyce and David, Lynda and Deborah for the great lunches for the host of volunteers. Finally, our US Sailing certified volunteer instructors were Jerry, Mary Anne, Paul, Runar, and Phil.

August, 2022

Oklahoma Adaptive Sports Association-OKASA is hosting WATERFEST August 27th from 9am-5pm. WATERFEST is a great way for our community members with varying physical disabilities to learn how to water-ski, sail, or kayak. Our experienced staff, instructors, and volunteers help make it a pleasure to participate in these activities in a safe environment.

The Clinic setup begins at 7:30 a.m. and cleanup is complete by 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 27th at The Lake Thunderbird Boathouse. Volunteer duties include, but are not limited to, loading and unload-ing equipment, life guarding, transfers, aiding with mobility, skiing, sailing and kayaking assistance and to help ensure participants are having a rewarding day at the lake.

September, 2022

On August 13th the sailing club sponsored a youth centerboard race. There were six competitors, so, we only had one class, the Zests. The wind was light to moderate, and the races were set on a triangle course. There were a few rule violations, but, no one was hurt and there were no crashes, so all’s well that ends well. At the end of five races the top three competitors were: 1st Iris Mains, 2nd Caleb Houghton and 3rd Caleb Voreck. The sailing instructors are very excited to see sailing school graduates return for this type of activity. Thanks to everyone who helped and thanks to the parents who invest in their kids’ interest in sailing.

October, 2022

From the Fleet Captain
The 2022 Jerry Layton regatta is on Sunday October 9th (moved from the 8th … and I was reminded it is the High Holiday of OU-Texas weekend). Skipper’s and crew meeting is at 10:00, first race at 11:00. We’ll have 3 boats and 3 short races. This regatta is a fun mixer, and a fundraiser for upkeep of the power boats: $25/skipper, $15/crew. Gary and Gus are skippering; we need one more, plus more crew and RC/mark boat helpers. Please let Paul know if you can join. 405-250-2093.

November, 2022

Shared Boat Program
We are adding a fourth boat. A 1998 Catalina 22 Mark II will be available for member participation starting this coming January. We have some members who have already indicated an interest in signing up. If you are interested in joining the Shared Boat Program or joining the Cat 22 team, email Jim Eller at

December, 2022

Coming Soon

January, 2021

Happy New Year !! I know we’re all hopeful that 2021 will be known as the year that we ended the Corona 19 virus. For now, we know that our membership will carry on. We will continue with the sailing education classes, the Sunday or evening friendly races, and our virtual monthly meetings.

February, 2021

I would never of thought, a year ago, that we would go from trying to get appointments to be tested for a pandemic, to trying to get a vaccination. I think everyone will remember 2020 as one of the most tragic and also as one of most challenging, interesting years. We have adjusted and found new ways to get things done. As for the club, we have altered our monthly meetings to be virtual (they’ve not the same, but we do get to visit). As of this time, I’m not yet crazy enough to guess when we might de able to have things return to normal. I do know that we still have a lot of great things happening. Our sailing instruction classes continued. The boathouse got some needed repairs. Our Sunday and evening friendly races continued. The share boat program continues. New construction and maintenance was done on the boat storage area. I think we should all give a big (virtual) hand to the club members who made these things hap-pen. And, with their help these instruction and maintenance activities will continue.

March, 2021

While some of us have received vaccines, we all still need to be vigilant and practice appropriate masking and distancing protocols. While it is difficult to see how enjoyable our gatherings have been from the pictures below (that’s Marles smiling, and certainly Kelly Spelman…maybe Les…hard to tell with everyone else), they really have been fun and educational. Listening to “First Sail” stories at our February meeting was great. We had nearly 20 in attendance…sorry no recording available. I want to personally thank Marles Bradley for helping at least one member access ZOOM and our meeting (welcome back Doris!!). It reminds me that we all can do a little part to assist others during these stressful times…whether we be ZOOMING or just plain living! Let us know if you need help connecting with club members for meetings… Thanks to all that have helped keep us connected!

April, 2021

On Saturday April 17th at 6:30 p.m. the TSC will have what I truly hope is our last VIRTUAL club meeting. Our program will be an update by Jerry Lojka. He will be telling us about the great things happening with the programs, instruction, new equipment, and exciting things to come. If weather allows, the next meeting will be on the lawn by the lake with “bring your own picnic” and social distancing. It will be great to see everyone.

May, 2021

Things seem to be getting better every day. Not only with the virus, but also, the Thunderbird Club is developing by leaps and bounds. As for the virus, with more and more of the population being vaccinated, restrictions for social gatherings are being loosened. As a club, we don’t want to take risks with the health of our membership, but are looking forward to returning to the commaradery and seeing each other face to face.

June, 2021

We’ve passed through most of the Spring and headed into Summer. This is one of my favorite times of the year. So many things that appeared to be brown and dead – trees, grass, flowers – come back to life. This year I feel that it is even more amazing. Many other things have come back. We’re being able to attend church services, dine, shop, and return to our meetings and organizations. I hope that this is the beginning of the end of the pandemic. Just as other activities have resumed, this is a new day for our club. Our sailing classes have resumed with excellent enrollment. To be on the safe side, this month’s club meeting (Saturday June 19th at 6:30) will be held as another “bring your own picnic” on the Boathouse lawn. We will have a brief program on pollination and its importance to our eco system. Hope-fully we will be able to return to our potluck or outdoor grill, beverages, and social interaction in July.

July, 2021

I am really looking forward to our upcoming “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” club meeting, and disappointed that weather caused us not to have the “Raft Up”. Both seem like a return to normalcy. Our club meeting will be on Saturday July 17th at 6:30. We will have cheeseburgers, beverages, live music, and an opportunity to visit with our Sailing Club comrades.

August, 2021

This is a great season for our club. We had a wonderful time with the raft up, hopefully our attendance will grow, “AS A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL”. I had the pleasure of assisting with the Centerboard race. A Big Thank You to Phil Moershel (our Fleet Captain) for hosting the event and all the volunteers who made it possible. We had good attendance of members both young and not so young. I loved seeing the new sailors with their enthusiasm for their first race. Of course most categories were won by the old salt, but not all.

September, 2021

Fall is a wonderful time to sail in Oklahoma. We have sailing, raft-ups, regattas, CAST, “Boats, Blues, and Barbecue” – and great friends to enjoy it with. Club sailing time on Saturday (9:00 to 12:00) is going great. If you haven’t been out, this is an opportunity for members to enjoy our fleet of centerboard sailboats. Quite a few of the recent sail class students have been coming out to hone their skills (while we also have a great time). This is another opportunity to recognize the efforts of our sailing instructors, and the impact they’ve had on getting new members and our active Saturday sailors. We also have some OU Sailors out on our Saturday open sails. Remember to mark your

October, 2021

I’m sure all who attended our “Blues, Boats, and Barbecue” event will agree, it was a great success. We owe a debt of gratitude to Big Train and the Loco Motives with Jim Madsen and his musical friends for our entertainment. We were very lucky and got a break in the weather for our “CAST” event last Saturday. The rain stopped, the wind was calm, and the participants and our boat skippers all had a wonderful time. With the help of our volunteers, the fishing, the lunch, and the awards ceremony went very smoothly. I want to give a big thank you to all of the Sailing Club members who gave up their Saturday to help pull this off.

November, 2021

We still have a lot to look forward to before year’s end. We have the Hiram Douglas Keelboat Regatta this Saturday (November 6th), our annual membership and potluck dinner, and our Christmas party. We continue to get new members. Most are sailors who took instruction classes. This makes sense. If they had a quality experience and caught a passion for sailing, they join our club to get more experience and share the camaraderie. This is a reflection on our trained / accredited sailing instructors (who I can’t thank enough).

December, 2021

It’s been a GREAT year. The Club adapted activities to be cautious, but still had meetings, potluck, bands, races, and a lot of training – instruction.
I was concerned coming into office that this would feel like a lame duck year. The club is more resilient and creative than to have allowed that. With a strong Board and a membership full of volunteers, 2021 was GREAT.

January, 2020

New Year’s Day at the Boathouse was a great event. More than 50 people joined in the fun.

Hats off to the swimmers who made the polar plunge. Piers braved to the cold water for 7 and a half minutes. Keith and Melissa Camp-bell brought Pegasus around to the boathouse and beat to the dam in 25+ knot wind with 4 passengers; brisk but not bitter cold.

I am looking forward to the coming year. With the new tractor and RIB coming to us in the near future, our resources are improving. The shared boat program is alive and well. The sailing instructors are talking about up-coming classes with enthusiasm. I want to thank everyone who made donations for the Zests, Teras, tractor and RIB. I know every-one in the club hopes we are successful in our endeavors to promote sailing and assist in the growth of the sailing club. Thanks to all of our partners and may this year provide us with opportunities to strengthen our relationships.

February, 2020

Finally, the AquaJet 14 arrived from Florida. Six TSC members “supervised” the offloading of the RIB at Norris Marine in Norman. Many thanks to Norris Marine for facilitating the delivery at their business. While the RIB is there Norris will make some minor repairs so it will be ready for classes in June.
As Commodore, I have the duty (privilege) of attending the LTEF board meeting(s). Last night was the annual board meeting and much discussion was devoted to the use of donated funds for specific projects directly affecting the sailing club. It is my sincere hope that sailing club members and anyone else associated with the boathouse or LTEF, that there is absolute confidence in the administration of those donated funds.

As I looked around the table I felt total trust in the in the members of the board and the boathouse management. The only goal of all concerned is to advance the welfare of our various programs and the well being of the boathouse. All of us benefit from the use of the boathouse. I hope we all feel gratitude for the endless hours of donated time and effort that go into the operation and management of the boathouse and the supporting programs associated with it. If we had to pay for all the services provided by our members and partners we would have been out of “business” a long time ago. Rest assured, your donations are being meticulously care for.

March, 2020

As most of you know, the Shared Boat Program (SBP) is growing and it has become an integral part of our community sailing program. The keelboat classes use the SBP boats for the on-the-water skills training. The keelboat students are associate members of the sailing club when they pay for the keelboat class. Some of the keelboat class graduates have become part of the SBP crew. We are excited about their continued interest and involvement in sailing and the sailing club.

The TSC board will be proposing new language to be adopted into the by-laws and standing rules of the TSC. Thus far, an ad hoc committee has been shepherding the program but, the board feels it is time to establish a standing committee to oversee the SBP. Committee members will include TSC board member(s), two crew from each shared boat, the boathouse manager, a LTEF board member and the SBP manager who is appointed by the TSC board.
I hope each of TSC members will continue to support the SBP by voting for the by-laws change in an upcoming club meeting.

April, 2020

No one can claim that life is not interesting or challenging. I missed seeing everyone at the March pot-luck however, the TSC board had its virtual meeting to conduct business. Thank you, Lorrie. All events scheduled for April have been canceled and May events are pending. Let’s see how things progress in the coming 4 weeks. We certainly are hoping our June sailing classes will happen as planned.

Those enrolled in the CPR class that was scheduled for Mar 21st can still go online to complete the 5 hrs of training and print your certificate. We will schedule the hands-on portion when the pandemic has subsided. Work on the AquaScan RIB is progressing. We are still planning on having the summer sailing classes.

Please, stay in touch with each other while we are prohibited from meeting in person. Let someone on the board know of illness (if you wish to share). There may be something we can do to help. At the very least we can send good thoughts your way. Be careful out there and hopefully we will soon meet again.

May, 2020

I hope all of you and your families are managing to stay sane as we deal with the restrictions imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic. We miss seeing you and we hope conditions will improve by the first sailing class in June. The sailing instructors are discussing options for class management that will allow them to continue with the class and maintain safe conditions for everyone involved. I am confident a solution will be found. The June 1st class is full so, we will be looking for volunteers to assist with boat management and class safety.

We will not meet at the Boathouse for the May pot-luck due to park restrictions but, we have a solution. The program for May is to be a primer on sailing rules of the road and the race starting sequence. The program will be posted on YouTube so you can view it at your leisure. Please watch the Thunderbird Sail-ing Club Facebook page for the URL so you can find the program.

June, 2020

As a result of the pandemic we have missed our pot-lucks and fellowship for a few months.

We are hopeful that we can meet on the grass for some food and music in June. We will let you know if our June meeting will take place. On a positive note, our summer youth classes will take place with small classes and individual lessons. The sailing instructors are working with the parents to assure them that all precautions are being implemented to protect students and volunteers. No classes are larger than 6 students and some people will have private lessons because they could not meet the changes in the class schedule. US Sailing has been helpful in providing guidance for class management during the pandemic. Many US Sailing schools will conduct classes with reduced class size just as we are.

The Thunderbird Sailing Club is alive and well. We will soon be back together as a group.

July, 2020

June has been a busy month for the sailing instructors and a few volunteers. Two successful sailing classes and two private lessons. Clearly, we aren’t reaching the numbers we have in the past but, the program is alive and we should be able to keep the lights on for awhile. We love the boats and we love the new tractor. Thank you to all who supported those major acquisitions.

The Summer Equinox Picnic was a great success. I counted 39 attendees. The band was eager to please so, we can excuse the minor difficulties they experienced. It was great to see everyone in person after months of separation. The board will be discussing the July meeting. Hopefully, we won’t be forced into another lock-down due

August, 2020

July has been a very busy month with youth classes and private lessons. Thanks to everyone for the sup-port of our sailing activities during July. The Navy Engineers (Sea Bees) are experiencing the boathouse, some know how to sail, most don’t. We will share our knowledge with them during the month of Au-gust each Fri, ten sailors at a time. In return, the Sea Bees are offering to work on the Boathouse. We are hopeful that all the technicalities can be worked out to the benefit of both organizations. Thank you, Keith Campbell. We enjoyed a picnic at the boat-house for our July potluck and we will probably do that again in August. We will send out a notice when our plans are confirmed. TSC purchased two new racing buoys. We will get those prepped and in the water in the near future.

For those who don’t know, Chad Cox passed away. Chad was a long time supporter of the sailing club and boathouse. He enjoyed Wednesday lunches at the boathouse with a few members of the club. We offer our condolences to Chad’s family.

The TSC Board hope you have been making the best of the pandemic and all that goes along with it.

With social distancing the rule, it is not feasible to hold sailing camps in the same fashion as in the past. As it turns out this is a great luxury! Working with a small class few kids is wonderful. Registration for classes was shut down very early in the pandemic. The first class of 2020 was postponed from June 1 to July 6. The inter-mediate “sailing better” class was moved to July 13. The June 15 – 19 class was cut to 6 kids outside on the verandah. An extra class with 4 kids was added to the week of June 22.

The RS fleet has been great. With the boats coming up dry after a capsize and the ability to reef the sails down in higher wind. We found that the kids were able to sail with more confidence and advance faster. Almost every day of class we were able to send as small armada of orange and yellow sails sailing across the lake. Classroom work was limited to brief lessons and discussions on the verandah with plenty of distance and ventilation. The bathrooms were wiped with Lysol and mopped each day. Each kid used the same boat and helmet all week and on Friday the boats were washed down with simple green to disinfect and remove lake scum. Many thanks to Christian, Mike D. Iris, David C., Mathias, Linda, Gavin, and Mike O. for helping.

September, 2020

Even though many events have been canceled there has been a lot of activity at the boathouse. We have had a great response to the Family Sailing Days and the OU sailors have been active. We continue to sing the praises of the Zests and Teras as we continue to introduce people to sailing.

he Layton Memorial Regatta is scheduled for the end of September but, because of the logistics of that race we have determined it to be unsafe to hold that event. The purpose of the Layton Regatta is to raise money for the maintenance of the pontoon boat. We still need to maintain the pontoon boat so we are asking that those who would have supported the Layton Regatta either through crew participation or by do-nation do so again this year. The goal this year would be to raise $500. We replaced two tires of the trailer this year which cost $200 so the funds are needed to keep up with routine maintenance. Please, consider making a donation. Send your check to Fredrica and she will make sure that money is earmarked for the pontoon boat.

October, 2020

The Hiram Douglas Promenade will be October 24th followed by our monthly club meeting. As stated at the September meeting, this will not be a race. Rather, it will be an opportunity for all of us to do a long sail together before the weather turns nasty. We will start at the same time and sail a course as a group, sort of. No trophies or long ceremonies. When the details of the event are set we will send out a notice via email. As with all our events we hope to raise some money for our general operating expenses. Due to the shortfall in sailing class fees this year we hope all of you will make a donation to help pay for insurance and overall boathouse maintenance and TSC expenses.

Greetings to the new members and much appreciation to all those who continue to serve the club and its mission to advance sailing in our community. With that in mind, we are looking forward to the November meeting during which the new officers are voted in. We need someone willing to fill the Rear Commodore position for the coming year. If you are new and want to support the club by serving as a board member, please let any current board member know you are interested. We will gladly fill the slot with an old guy/gal as well.

November, 2020

October has been a busy month at the Boathouse and for TSC members. For those who haven’t been to the Boathouse in a while, it has a new roof. The SeaBees from Tinker AFB volunteered their labor to complete the job and LTEF paid for the materials, which were ordered by one of our members at cost. Many thanks to all those involved in this major project and special thanks to Keith Campbell for coordinating the personnel under his command.

The adult keelboat class was a great success and we welcome the new sailors into the club. Some of the graduates have already joined the shared boat program.
The Hiram Promenade consisted of 10 boats and very light air until the very end so, those who stuck with it enjoyed a fair wind finish. Thanks for your donations so far. If you forgot or haven’t decided to send a few bucks our way, please do so. The Boathouse will need all the help it can get come next summer.

December, 2020

We certainly have had some wonderful sailing weather during November. Of course, the October ice storm, power outage and subsequent clean-up were/are inconvenient and costly for some. I hope things are getting back to “normal” for everyone. With new restrictions being imposed by the State Parks we are back to reduced gatherings until the COVID numbers are reduced to non-critical levels.

Our gathering in December will be virtual. Hopefully, we will get to say hello to everyone via ZOOM.

The club is also participating in the Norman Christmas Parade. It will be held in Andrews Park in Norman on Dec 12th. We will decorate and rig a Zest. It will be a static display as the cars drive by thereby avoiding any large gatherings. We are still excited to promote the sailing programs and we look forward to filling our sailing classes again in 2021.

January, 2019

Please welcome the 2019 TSC Board … yes we got some new blood (Welcome Hadley Jerman, TSC Secretary)! Welcome back to Jim Chapman (past commodore), Jim Madsen (Vice Commodore), Frederica (Treasurer), David (Rear C), Jim Waller (Fleet Captain). Phil and Jim Eller will continue as Boathouse Committee chair and Mainsheet editor, respectively. It’s not too early to consider a post on the board for 2020.2019 is shaping up to be another busy year of educational programs and classes, regattas, raft ups, fellowship and great food as usual! Be sure to check out the website ( and our monthly MAINSHEET for upcoming events.

February, 2019

The Lake Thunderbird Educational Foundation added two new members to its board of directors at the annual meeting. The members are David Gray and Glede Holman. Neither of these individuals are strangers to the Boat House and BH mission. David became involved with the BH as a member of the OKC tri-athletes. David is one of the most accomplished swimming coaches in the state. He has spent numerous hours working to improve the BH grounds and generally enhancing the facility. Dave is also a member of the Thunderbird Sailing Club, serving as the Rear Commodore.

March, 2019

2019 is the golden anniversary of TSC’s start! Calling all History buffs –all who have pictures, knowledge, experiences, stories, about this great club from its beginning! Les Cummings has tons of great pictures (online and hard copies). We are pulling together a history/celebration committee to come up with ways to celebrate this golden anniversary. Ed Shoemaker will be helping us pull together some great activities/documents. If you know of regatta winners in years past, special tidbits of information, or anything that can help make this celebration grand, please let us know.

April, 2019

Happy Spring TSC! We are springing into lots of sailing action, even as we might anticipate some severe weather events. Speaking of weather, we had beautiful weather and a great turn out for our St. Patrick’s day celebration and pot luck. Patrick Hyland, from the Weather Center here in Norman had us riveted, and weather aware!

May, 2019

First Sail is a new initiative organized by US Sailing with the goal of promoting the benefits of sailing, encouraging individuals to get out on the water and growing the sport of sailing across the United States. So, folks from out of town may be contacting us about going for a sail…for $50 each. Proceeds from this program will go toward upkeep of the share boat fleet. Thanks Jim Chapman! Check it out at

June, 2019

Unfortunately, weather remains better for ducks and geese than sailors! Hopefully, this is as high as she goes. May is springing us into a summer of sailing education, racing, and fun nevertheless!

May Fiesta proved fun, filled with great food, and an awesome program on Racing/Rules, etc. by Jerry Lojka, Mary Anne Secrist, and Karen Thurston. Thanks again to David Gray for providing the festive atmosphere.

Stay tuned for Tie Dye Summer Beach Party on June 15. BE SURE TO BUY YOUR TSC T-SHIRT FOR THIS EVENT. We will also kick off the Leukemia Regatta!

July: Cheeseburgers in Paradise Be sure to bring picnic-style food for the July club meeting and potluck; August: 50th TSC Anniversary Celebration; September: Boats, Blues and BBQ; Oct: Sailing Knot Bee

July, 2019

Happy summer everyone!

What a busy month! TSC volunteers are the backbone of our club, and we especially appreciate them all as June activities descended.

The RS Teras and Zests arrived. Thanks to Phil for tactfully shepherding the boats from England to Norman and to all of the volunteers who helped unload and put them together. They have been put to the test in youth sailing classes for two weeks in June. By all accounts, the kids and instructors love the boats.

Again, thanks to Jerry Lojka, Phil Moershel, Jim Waller, Jim Chapman, Gray Graham, Paul Reynolds, Frederica Cottrel, Mary Ann Secrist, David Gray, Devon, and others, not to mention the awesome food provided by David and Joyce Craigie! Sailing class instructors and volunteers were very well fed!

These classes provide a wonderful opportunity for youth to learn sailing skills, engage in physical activity, become comfortable around the water, and make new friends. These classes are top notch and we are lucky to have so many skilled volunteers to manage these classes (and the children).

Upcoming Programs – July: Cheeseburgers in Paradise Be sure to bring picnic-style food for the July club meeting and potluck; August: 50th TSC Anniversary Celebration; September: Boats, Blues and BBQ; Oct: Sailing Knot Bee

August, 2019

As you all know, on August 17 TSC will celebrate 50 years of fun-filled sailing and educational activities, friends, and food! As I’ve been collecting stories from our gloried past, one came to mind – and I always remember it when I see small sailboats … and Connie Di-vine. Connie, a long time TSC member and 20-year secretary for the Lake Thunderbird Educational Foundation, and I were reminiscing at our recent Cheese-burgers in Paradise event. By the way, what a party!!

Thanks to Rear Commodore David Gray for setting up the wonderful evening with food, music, décor, and fun.

Upcoming Programs – August: 50th TSC Anniversary Celebration; September: Boats, Blues and BBQ; Oct: Sailing Knot Bee

September, 2019

Another month of summer to go! Lots going on. OKASA, 50th birthday celebration, LLS Family Water Festival, weekly races, Boats, Blues, and BBQ — a busy place we have here!

What a party we had to celebrate TSC’s 50th Birthday! Over 100 of our old and new friends came to celebrate! Thanks to all that helped and contributed to a joyous occasion.

Upcoming Programs – September: Boats, Blues and BBQ; Oct: Sailing Knot Bee

October, 2019

A busy summer of activity – meetings, 50th Anniversary, sailing classes for youth, adults, and now finishing up Fall Keelboat class, community events like OKASA and CAST, and LLS fundraiser, boat-house and grounds maintenance.

Like the golden leaves of autumn that we rely on each fall to bring us golden color and change, hope for the future, these members continue to con-tribute to the boathouse, its maintenance, raising its community presence…our members are golden gems keeping the club, the boathouse, and the LTEF growing.

Particularly, Les Cummings and Phil Moershel, we hope you get and continue to be well as we move forth. Thanks so much for all that you all do now and in the future for TSC.

November, 2019

As the year draws to a close, I remain so impressed and proud of the programs that TSC offers, and the tireless energy of the people working to improve our pro-grams, equipment, and facilities.

Phil Moershel and the BoatHouse Management Committee have worked non-stop to upgrade our youth sailing fleet. Classes were all full this summer and keelboat class members are doing their final sails. In conjunction with the LTEF and BoatHouse Management, we are raising funds to replace our tractor and safety boat, two essential items needed for regattas, classes, and community events (see notice later in this issue).

December, 2019

As I think about this past year as Commodore, I again am reminded of how much service and activity goes on within TSC. Our members are some of the hardest working, generous, and kind-hearted folks one could ever hope to meet. I have learned a lot of lessons this year – in particular, this club accomplishes nothing without its members!

We have much to offer our members, and our community. We have folks of many talents who put in many hours in the effort to teach classes, provide sailing opportunities to new and experienced sailors, and keep our BoatHouse and grounds in good condition.

We have many stewards of the environment and facilities, and I am thankful for our association with Lake Thunderbird and surrounding community. I appreciate the patience all have had with me during this very busy year, and I look forward to continued involvement in the coming years.

January, 2018

Happy New Year! And cheers to 2018, which we trust will bring you good and happy sail-ing. We hope everyone had a great holiday. As we say goodbye to 2017, we want to thank Mary Anne for her excellent stewardship dur-ing the last year, her work and accomplishments have been amazing. TSC has been truly blessed by her leadership. The Executive Committee (Board) consists of six officers and the Past Commodore. Three of last years’ officers have agreed to contin-ue in their previous capacity. Their involvement provides continuity and a smooth transaction. Thanks to Lorrie, Fredrica and Jim Waller for volunteering to continue their office for another year. And thanks to Jim Madsen and David Gray for their commitment to TSC for 2018. As David Craigie would say, “we need new blood”.

February, 2018

On January 13th , a group of interested sailors met at the Boat House to consider a new pro-gram proposal, the TSC Expanded Membership Program. This program would entitle a mem-ber, paying an additional $250 per year, to the use of a TSC keelboat. The keelboat will be in good condition and slipped at the Little River Marina. The plan is for there to be ten such members for each boat designated as a “Club Keelboat.” The TSC Keelboat will be maintained by the members who are a part of the Expanded Membership Program and the current plan is to have each boat purchased with donations from TSC members and friends. We hope to pur-chase the O’Day 24, Shamrock.

March, 2018

Lake Thunderbird is protected in the Oklahoma water quality standards (OWQS) as a Sensitive Water Supply (SWS). This means special protections apply like no new discharges to the lake. The city of Norman is struggling with getting enough water. They are proposing to discharge highly treated sewage back to the lake to allow re use of that waste water. Wastewater treatment has advanced tremendously in 30 years when the current regulations were first written. Despite that, this practice is currently prohibited by the OWQS. New rule making by the OWRB is establishing a new classification of “SWS with reuse”. If that rule making is approved this spring by the legislature , the Governor, and EPA the next step will be to re classify Lake Thunderbird. that would occur in 2019. Our March meeting presentation will feature a speaker from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board to come and talk about this topic.

April, 2018

If you are expecting to participate in the 2018 Commodore’s Cup Racing, please take a few minutes to look at the Deed Of Gift. It’s located on Look about half way down the left edge menu that is on most of the pages. The Deed of Gift specifies that the competition is open to club members in good standing. Two fleets are available: Cruising and Spinnaker. You will be asked to state in which fleet you are racing at the beginning of the year to help with the score keeping. Please notice that those who do not race are scored as finishing after those who did race. That is, showing up for the races is important if you want a shot at the trophy. Racing has begun with our first race taking place, last March 21st. We will race every Wednesday, depending on weather, until some time into late October.

May, 2018

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