Shared Boat Program

Have you ever dreamed of owning a boat, but haven’t ventured into boat ownership? The Shared Boat program might be for you!

For $300 per year, you can “Share” a boat from the Thunderbird Sailing Club fleet with up to 12 other members.

Who is eligible?

Any full member of the Thunderbird Sailing Club in good standing with the proficiency equivalent to the US Sailing Basic Keel Boat Certification. If you do not have the certification, but have sailing experience, you may sign up for an orientation sail with a team captain (or sailing instructor) and demonstrate your ability to sail. You must be able to demonstrate knowledge of rigging, use of the motor, departure and docking, and person overboard recovery.

How does it work?

TSC has 4 keel boats in its Shared Boat program that are kept at the Little River Marina. Each boat has up to 12 members consigned to the boat for the year. After an orientation sail with the Boat’s Team Captain on the assigned boat, the Shared Boat Program member will receive a marina gate key and the combination for the Boat’s lock. Each member can reserve the boat on a shared calendar for personal use and either crew or skipper in club races.

Who does the maintenance?

The Shared Boat Team shares the cleaning and basic maintenance responsibilities of their assigned boat. In addition, there are usually 2 work days a year for each team to clean the boats and make sure everything is in working order.

Complicated repairs or breakage that affects the boat’s ability to be sailed will be handled by TSC. Team volunteers are always encouraged and welcome to help.

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